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There are so many places around Wollongong that serve great food, but there is only one place that serves excellent food, and that's Top Choice.

You can’t say you had Chinese in Wollongong unless you’ve had at least one post-rager dinner here ordering sticky, burgundy-hued barbecue pork, steamed prawn dumplings, fried spring rolls and salt and pepper squid. In fact, they’ll salt and pepper pretty much anything that stays still long enough, and while the tofu is good, the pork ribs are better. The extra flavoursome meat has for the most part been stripped off the bone then deep fried, the golden shell shown no mercy by the hand that seasons it, with extra garlic and fiery red chilli on top.

Hot tip: if you don’t fancy a full meal, you can come and sit at the bar and just have a snack of these – or anything else for that matter – with a drink.

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Why Choose Our Asian Cuisine?

Reputable and Yummy

Top Choice has been the number one Chinese restaurant and takeaway destination for years, and we only continue to grow bigger and better. Our staff are continually improving the atmosphere of the restaurant and our chefs are only serving the best dishes made from the freshest ingredients.

When you think Top Choice, the first things that come to mind should be.

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Friendly staff
  • Comfortable seating
  • Affordable food

We really value our regular customers and make it our business to remember their names and orders to help create a bond with them, because they're supporting us and helping us grow as a business and we do appreciate that.

Work Ethic

We don't cut corners with our work, and we never settle for second best, we want to be your number one choice for both Chinese and takeaway food. All our staff are eager to help you in any way they can and will always greet you with a smile.

Top Tier Ingredients

You can't have a number one restaurant without using the best possible ingredients to make your food, and that's exactly what we do here. We only use ingredients that we know will be top quality because we only want our customers to have the very best food.


Hygiene in a restaurant or takeaway shop is essential since people come to your establishment to both eat and relax, so if you have dirty tables or floors then people will feel uncomfortable and won't' come back. This is why our staff are committed to keeping the restaurant spotless and free of germs so you can enjoy your amazing food in a clean and sanitary restaurant.

We have received some very good reviews from our locals who say our food really is the best, and that our staff are the friendliest in town.

We know our customers

We aren't like other large restaurant food chains. We know that our customers are our lifeblood and the reason that we can keep our doors open and do what we love for a living. We never take our customers for granted and treat each of them with respect and understanding.

We have all the mouth watering dishes you can expect from a top tier Chinese restaurant.

  • Hot Pots
  • Sizzling Meats
  • Fried Noodles
  • Fried Rice
  • Noodle Soups
  • And Much much more!

If you're stuck on what to do for dinner, don’t sweat it and come let us take care of you. Top Choice, the top tier Chinese restaurant in Wollongong.

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Numerous commentators have also referred to the supposed restaurant owner's eccentric habit of touting for custom outside his establishment, dressed in aristocratic fashion and brandishing a sword


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