This is a question that we all ask ourselves on a daily basis, and sometimes you just can't think of an answer.

With dinner, you need to think about what you want, buy the ingredients, prepare everything, cook it and finally eat it, but a lot of us just don't have time to do this every night of the week and need something simpler.

You want something easier, but also something that tastes good and isn't too hard on your bank account. If you're currently in this situation, why not try Top Choice?

Top Choice is the number one Chinese restaurant and takeaway shop in Wollongong, and you won't meet friendly staff than ours here.

But why should you choose us instead home cooking? Here's why

  1. It's Easier

A home-cooked meal is great, but when you work full time you don't always have the time and energy to cook a nighttime meal, that's where Top Choice comes in. We're only a phone call away, and we have all the Chinese dishes you could want.

  1. It's Affordable

So many take away shops, and restaurants will charge you insane amounts of money for subpar food, but we're different, we make it our mission to provide the best possible food for affordable and completive prices to our customers.

  1. We're Local

It's always good to support your local restaurants because unlike large chain restaurants we rely solely on our local customers, and as such we will treat you with respect and will always greet you with a smile.

  1. Top Tier Ingredients

We only use the best ingredients that are available to us because we want to give our customers a meal that they will never forget, and we never want to be seen as second best so making the highest quality food is on our priority list.

  1. It's Fast

We don't leave you waiting for an hour like other restaurants might, and it's much quicker than going shopping, cooking and then finally eating. Don't let this fool you though, even though we're fast we don't let the quality of our food suffer because of that. The quality of our food always comes first.

  1. Range

Our menu consists of the best Chinese dishes you could imagine, and there is something here for everyone. We have sizzling meat dishes, vegetable starters, fried noodles, fried rice, and so much more to offer. For a full list, please look at our menu.

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