It's December which means three things, decorating your tree, buying expensive presents and your annual work Christmas party.

Your work Christmas party is the one time of year when you can blow off steam with your co-workers who you've shared a hard year of work with, so you have all earned at least one good night out to celebrate. Usually, a work Christmas party involves a lot of drinking and regrets the next day, but what if I told you there was a better way to enjoy the night without having regrets the next day.

I'm of course talking about having your work Christmas party at Top Choice.

Top Choice is the number one Chinese takeaway and restaurant in Wollongong, and we are situated right in the heart of the city, so we are close to everything.

Here are just SOME of the reasons why you should choose us to have your work Christmas party here.

  • Friendly Atmosphere

When you go out to have a good time the atmosphere surrounding a venue can play a significant role in how you and your guest feel, this is why we make sure that our servers, cooks and cashiers always greet you and send you off with a smile.

  • Amazing Food

The main appeal of Top Choice is our food which is made from genuine Chinese ingredients from spices to vegetables. Our food is prepared using traditional Chinese cooking methods as well, so you will be getting a truly unique dining experience you won't find anywhere else in Wollongong.

  • Always Fresh

All the food we serve is fresh and unfrozen because we believe in only serving the very best food to our customers, because they are paying for freshly cooked authentic Chinese food and that's precisely what we will give them.

  • Tolerant Staff

We know that sometimes when in a party setting things can get a little rowdy and loud, and while most establishments would step in and ask you to calm down, we won't do that. We are okay with you having a good time as long as you aren't damaging any of our property.

  • Affordable Prices

Normally if you wanted authentic Chinese food, you'd have to empty your bank account, but that's not us. We make sure that our menu is affordable for everyone because we know that if we treat our customers with respect, they will turn into regulars and then we won't need to charge more.

We know that there are a lot of establishments in Wollongong that you could choose for your work Christmas party, but we genuinely believe there is no better destination in Wollongong than Top Choice.

Come here with your friends and co-workers and have yourself an unforgettable night filled with laughter, drinks and genuine Chinese food prepared with authentic Chinese ingredients.

To book a table or ask about our menu, call us on (02) 4228 8289 today!


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